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Pirate Power

by Limebolt

Role Playing


Battle boats and pirates and blow them to pieces

Grow your pirate fleet and build your island. Recruit pirates, fight epic battles, explore and earn gold and treasures! Lead your pirate fleet into battle now!DEFEAT HUGE BOSSES!There’s some huge bad guys in Pirate Power. And to beat them, you will need to build, customize and make your boats stronger. With the help of all your heroes and their powerful powers you will teach a lesson to the evil Doge, the giant King Crab, the Kraken and even more enormous bad guys. RICH UNIVERSE and ADVENTUREDiscover the rich and colorful universe of Pirate Power with its unique and high definition 2d art style, stylish heroes and huge monsters in an Epic pirate adventure. 60+ HEROES AND THEIR SPECTACULAR POWERSTsunamis, Meteorites rain, Tornadoes, Thunder Strikes, Arrow shower and other impressive powers will help you win battles against the bad guys. There are more than 60+ heroes and each hero has a unique badass skill.BUILD and CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOATSDiscover and collect 200+ boat parts to create thousands of boat combinations. Level up your heroes, weapons, sails, hulls, crazy boat gadgets to become the strongest pirate in the whole universe.PVP MULTIPLAYERFight against real opponents to win the arena battlesWhats new?- Black Rock Monster: New daily dungeon on Sunday to earn black stones- Raids: Get the rewards from a dungeon without entering the battle. You need to finish it in difficulty hell before accessing this feature - Consume Energy only in case of victory, if you lose a battle you can try to beat it again with a different boat setup- Added ferrtilizer to grow trees quickly- New Pipow score, used to measure your overall progress in Pirate Power

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I like this game but I've also got problems with this game. It says it's single player but to make anything in the pearl shop you have to help friends. I have no friends to play with simply bc they won't play this game, I try to upgrade my boat and it still sucks and can't win in the arena and I've been playing non stop for a week.

Ktln Flr

nice to Play

Tamil ilan தமிழ் இளன்

Once game updates will give 5 stars

Glen Presy

Is a shame you use energy for battles, you can only play less than 1h and then wait, change it or unnistall, is a waste of a good game to add that feature

Gabriel D


Mark Ayson

Its is a good game but two cons is the pearl building if that mechanic is very crucial then all of you need to fix the invite friends .and also I have beaten the doge and I can't progress what is the problem is it like a season thing do I have to wait for the next season.And the arena I battle and battle but some makes no sense I win but no ranks,and I lose ranks.

Phillip Butler

it is addicting I looooooove the game it is spool good

Living life with the Allison's

Fun game...let down by piss poor ingame rewards, a stupidly slow energy system and an extremely over priced cash shop. I'd say 'one to avoid' but there is some fun to be had here (if slow grinds are your thing)...just keep your wallet safe from those greedy pirate developers!

okidoke 247

Can not access the app anymore won't load at all. Have deleted and reinstalled the game and still no change

Shawn Morgan

i cant change my name....

Sylvester Ryan Aleria